I’m worried about my job and what will happen at the end of my contract.  As it stands starting in March I’m down to 2/3 time.  I am taking a pay cut, but not down to 2/3 of my previous salary.  And with the added benefit of whatever I was paying in taxes and my part of the pension, the school will now pay.  I previously told my boss I’d like to stay another year and although I haven’t signed the contract, we do have that verbal agreement.  However, even with the changes made, I don’t know if I can afford to stay at 2/3 time.  If something doesn’t happen (my boss is looking at starting a training school to help train Korean English teachers.

Ugh.  I don’t want to think about the hell of searching for a job again.  I nearly got screwed over last year by another school.  That place banked on recruiting naive teachers who don’t know how things work teaching English in Korea.

Anyhow….  my mood has taken a hit from the conversation today.  Time for some serious kitty snuggling time and an extra helping of PRN Valium.

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