The Psychiatrist Is Good

I have to say, I really lucked out with my psychiatrist.  He’s one of the best I’ve ever had.  His English is near flawless, which is a rarity in Korea.  He’s soft-spoken and gentle and generally doesn’t freak me out like some males do.  He actually listens.  He doesn’t make assumptions, he clarifies when necessary.  If he doesn’t understand something I say, he asks me to use different words (see language barrier).

Monday’s appointment was especially good.  I was recovering from a horrible stomach bug I had over the weekend.  I still couldn’t keep food down, but at least my fever had broken and I was no longer shivering uncontrollably.  By the time I saw him, I had been off my meds for three days and was completely bawling in his office.  I was so tired and my brain was so screwed up from going off cold turkey (not by choice, of course) the only thing I could do was cry.  I explained what had happened over the weekend and he checked me over a bit.  He was concerned because I was dehydrated and still unable to eat.  So he asked if he could do and IV treatment.  What the heck, why not.  I called work and told them I’d be a few minutes late for class because I was at the doctors.

His treatment room is awesome.  Heated tables.  Blankets.  Pillows.  The whole nine yards.  The nurse started the IV and as she was pushing the compazine, he was making me focus on him and do deep breathing.  Upon internet research, it seems like some people react with extreme anxiety and paranoia to IV compazine.  Then I just lay there for an hour enjoying the warmth and letting the saline run in.  I felt so much better when it finished.  It’s amazing what dehydration can do to you.  The funniest part was when the nurse finished pushing the compazine and he was sure I wasn’t going to freak out, he said “Enjoy your trip”.  I have no idea what he meant by that.  Perhaps something got lost in translation.

So yeah.  I love my p-doc.  They even fill the scripts in the office so I don’t have to make a trip to the pharmacy.

Now if I could find a good GP that doesn’t tell me to go see a specialist for every little thing.  Seriously people, clogged eustachian tubes probably only need decongestants, not a trip to an  ENT.

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