Weekly Roundup

What a week.  Woke up Tuesday with my uvula swollen to the size of a cherry.  That was fun.  Went to an ENT today since I’m still having trouble with it.  Tried not to freak out in his chair.  Sometime about the head rest and thing in my mouth and up my nose got my anxiety level spiked.  Just as I managed to bring it down, they wanted to do in IM injection.  Most nurses are happy to let me just lean on the exam table.  This one insisted on having me lie on my stomach.  I NEVER lie on my stomach.  It sends me into flashbacks.  My whole butt on display and her hands (doing exactly what they should have been doing, I’ll admit) was almost too much for me.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  Before going back to work, I stopped in the little park in the nearby apartment complex to get my head back together.

I went back to work (I had a three hour break), but got nothing done.  I couldn’t focus on writing lesson plans or grading student writing.  So I just sat in my classroom and tried to keep my head in the present.

This is the first serious run in with flashbacks I’ve had in quite a long time.  I’m still struggling against them.  I treated myself to India take-out for dinner.  I bought a humidifier that will hopefully help with whatever weird throat thing I have going on.  And if this chicken tikka masala is rated 1 chili peper, I think they need to revise their rating scale.  It was spicy.  But I couldn’t stop eating it.  It was really yummy.  I’ll probably go back to the blander thing I was getting before.  Or stick to things that are rated 0 chili peppers.

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