6 Days a Week

It seems like I get 6 days a week where I can be productive.  Either Saturday or Sunday, I just crash.  Today, I couldn’t get out of bed.  Like almost wet my bed because I was too tired to go to the bathroom.  My body aches like crazy.  Doing my shopping (I ran out of time yesterday) was such a chore.  It doesn’t help I have no appetite and nothing tastes right.  My brain is like a pile of mush.  I was congratulating myself for having such a productive day yesterday and then today, BAM!!!!!!

And I still have work to do.  There’s a load of laundry that needs hung up.  I need to change the litter box.  I need to bundle up the garbage.  I spent yesterday doing stuff for work.  Writing tests and lesson plans.  I honesty don’t know how I’m going to do it.  Is it my meds?  I probably should get my thyroid reevaluated.  I wonder if I’m anemic.  I rarely eat beef and I never seem to remember to take my multivitamin.


I joke with my students when they ask how old I am.  I tell them 742.  But hell, I really feel like I’m 742 right now.

One thought on “6 Days a Week

  1. Mo says:

    As long as your kiddies continue to ask about your age you know you still look young and attractive. Mine very thoughtfully stopped trying to find out a decade (or two) ago.

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