Vet Visit

Poor Gidgette picked up some sort of fungal infection on her neck.  I feel bad.  It must have been there a while, but I only saw it last night.  I took her to my vet this morning.  He assured me it wasn’t anything to really worry about.  He gave her some sort of vaccine, looks like it might be a ringworm vaccine from some quick Googling.  I have a cream to put on it and a medicated shampoo.  Yay.  Kitty bath.  He told me to occasionally use the shampoo on Ivory as a preventative.  Yay.  Two kitty baths.  All in all, around 60 dollars.  I shudder to think what it would cost in the US.

Gidgette goes back in three weeks for a booster.  That’s conviently around the same time Ivory needs her annual boosters.  So two cats in one trip.  Oh fun.

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