So Tired

I have an inkling I’m getting sick.  I have a bit of a fever (as in I hit “normal”).  I’m tired.  My whole body aches.  All I want to do is curl up with the kitties and watch mindless TV.  I try to get stuff done, but even doing a load of laundry is killing me.  I hate my washing machine.  It’s || this much out of balance and if I “overload it” (meaning anything more than half full) it has hissy fits when it goes to spin.  It beeps at me and I have to go and rearrange the wet clothes and bash a button. It’s a good thing I have a clean pair of pants for tomorrow.

I know this is really whiny.  I’m sorry.  This weekend has been almost totally nonproductive.  I took Gidgette to the vet and I managed to get to the store to buy lunch for the week.  Sushi for tomorrow and salads for the rest of the week.

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