Med Go Round

I swear I don’t want to talk about it.  Let’s see.  He split the Lexapro in 3 rather than 2 doses.  Ummm, he added something for the persistent nausea.  I think he added a TCA in the afternoon.  I hate this crap.

He was so concerned about the nausea and lack of appetite (as in I’ve barely eaten in the last 72 hours) he decided to try an IV with some compazine.  That stuff burns going in.  And I swear the nurse picked the most sensitive spot.  The veins on the top of my hand are just fine, thank you very much.  She choose something at the base of my wrist on the back side.  Now I have a quarter sized bruise on the back of my wrist.

I hate my brain.  I just want al this stuff to go away.  I just want to feel normal for once.  I’m finishing this and then I’m crawling in bed to hopefully make the world go away until morning.

Oh yeah, He = Dr. Park, my psychiatrist

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