This Is Good, Right?

My boss wants me to revamp the writing curriculum.  All I did was make an offhand comment how I like a series of books better than what we’re currently using.  Actually I think they could be integrated with our current series.  I guess this is good because it means she trusts and respects my opinions.  But wow.  It feels like just one more thing on my plate.

I will add finding good writing books, especially here in Korea is difficult.  A lot of them end up being glorified grammar books.  I hate teaching grammar.  I suck at it. I kid you not, I had to buy “Grammar for English Language Teachers” because I’ve forgotten every single bit of grammar I learned in school.  And high school was *mumble* years ago too.

So now I’m off to change the litter.  I’m going to stop buying the stuff from Home Plus.  It looks and smells just like what the vet sells, but there’s a huge difference in its odor absorbing ability.  I end up needing to change the litter completely twice a week, whereas the stuff from the vet lasts a week.  And yes, I scoop twice a day.  The Home Plus is cheaper, but ends up costing me more in the end.

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