Something the docs can’t blame on me being fat.  I found out today I have the beginnings of arthritis in my right wrist.  I’ve had pain off and on since high school.  It seems the arthritis interacting with a bit of RSI to make life fun for me.  So for the next week, it’s daily zapping by the electric squid (aka TENS), ultrasound treatment and cold packs.

This is the same doctor I saw when I first hurt my knee.  Today he was just as concerned about my knee as my wrist (and my thumb which the nice taxi driver smashed in the window).  He even gave me his personal cell phone number.  Not that I’d ever call him.

One thought on “Finally

  1. Those Korean boys just love you. :-)
    Years from now you’ll tell us how you got married in a cab at rush hour. Later you’ll blog about how you gave birth in a cab to your first Korean-American mad scientist offspring. Oh the years shall be full of adventure for us readers.
    Its so hard being cute isn’t it? Its hard, when teddy bears like you and me continually break hearts, but its a burden we cute people must bare….yes, someone must bare this burden.

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