One Foot

All I can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other.  The nightmares and now some flashbacks at work.  I can see the PT on my wrist as part of the triggers.  The damn IV site the other day was another one.  The run in with the yeast infection a couple of weeks ago.  I think it’s all more than my defences can handle right now.

I was planning to sleep in.  Nope.  I woke up and went to the bathroom.  I came back out and Gidgette had peed on my bed.  She headed to the bathroom and tried to pee there and just cried.  So much for sleeping in.  I wrestled her into her carrier and took her to the vet.  She was not a happy camper.  She either has struvite crystals in her bladder or an inflamed urethra.  So she’s on meds at the moment.  Got a shot of antibiotics and a steroid.  Now I have to hope she goes outside the litter box so maybe I can get a urine sample.  I really need to get a second box.

So yeah.  Just a few stressors in my life.  The impirimine didn’t do anything for the nightmares last night.  But maybe, just maybe it’ll take some time.

One thought on “One Foot

  1. We can push as much as we want to the back of our minds and try to forget but eventually our bodies will remind us its there.

    Poor little Gidgette. You might want to try a food with less ash in it, that’s what happened to Bella. I had to put her on a food with less ash so that it didn’t clog her urinary tract. Her issues didn’t reappear after putting her on Iams UTI formula. I also ended up with two boxes, they seemed to like it better too.

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