7; 10; 200

Migraine pain: 7/10

Migraine nausea: 10/10

Total calories consumed today: ~200

Migraine from hell doesn’t even begin to describe it.  My migraines have 2 triggers, hormones and stress.  I combat the hormonal issues by taking monophasic birth control continuously.  I go off for a week when the spotting gets too annoying.  Guess what time it is?  Yup.  My off week.  This week at work seems to have been more stressful than usual.  The week didn’t start off well with the panic attack stuff at the p-doc.  Sleep?  Ha.  I “sleep” but I thrash around all night and have such horrible nightmares I don’t even want to think about them.  So yeah, stress levels through the roof this week.

Add migraine nausea with the usual nausea I have with no appetite…  well, I managed to drink the bottle of apple juice my coworker gave me.  My boss bought one of our classes (we teach it together) ice-cream and wanted to get me some.  I refused.

I’d bet I’ve burned more than 200 calories today between walking to work and teaching.  And my basic bodily functions too.  I’m trying to make sure I stay hydrated.  I’m on the computer only long enough to type this.  Although the meds Dr. P gave me really helped the nausea (it’s down to my usual baseline levels) it didn’t really knock out the headache.  I did help, I’d say it’s down to about a 3/10.

I promise to try to get some real calories into my body tomorrow.  I’ve got to go for PT again.  The cherry blossoms are out so I might go tomorrow evening to the festival and take some pictures.  I don’t know.  All I know right now is I want to sleep.

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