Teeter Totter

I don’t want to go all pessimist here, but it’s not going to be a good week.  I’m already teetering on the brink of insanity as it is.  The last couple weeks have been rough.  But it gets oh so much better.  I show up at Dr. P’s office for my weekly appointment to find out he’s in the hospital.  OK.  Fair enough.  But he didn’t leave orders for med refills.  Uh.  Hello!!!!!!!!!!  It’s a good thing I’m not bipolar of schizophrenic.  Yeah, depression and anxiety suck and goodness knows they can kill.  But imagine a bipolar yanked off his/her meds.

Oh yay.  Just googled up on tricyclic and Lexapro withdrawal.  Looks like I’m in for a week of hell.  If I don’t kill a kid by Friday, it’ll be a miracle.  As it is, I lost my cool with my last class of the day today.  A month to do 3 pages of homework and 1 out of 5 did it.  None of them did their weekly writing assignment.  They got an earful from me and then an earful from their Korean teacher.  And given their recent lackluster performance in class, they deserve every word they got.

Stupid GP doc won’t prescribe the meds even though I had a list and I was only asking for 1 week as it is somewhat of an emergency.  I can’t exactly walk into another GP’s office and say “Hi.  You don’t know me from Eve, but here’s a list of meds I need.  And oh, by the way, one of them is a benzo.”  Yeah.  I can see that happening.

I see myself tottering right over the side into the land of insanity.  Oh yes.  And to make life all the more fun, it’s that time of the month.

I’m not ready for this.  I feel weak and defenseless.  I feel like they have all been stripped away in the past few weeks.


3 thoughts on “Teeter Totter

  1. Easy to say hang in there, but that’s what I have to offer. I just found your blog and enjoy your writing style and wit. Looking forward to more. Good luck.

  2. kidwithin says:

    Have you heard of EFT? It has helped me tremendously with the issues that came up a year ago when I attended a seminar called “It Happens to Boys”…all about the abuse.

    If I did not find EFT, I would probably have lost my mind comepletely.

  3. No I haven’t heard of EFT. But once I’m back in the states I’ll look into it.

    estheriou, thanks for stopping by. I never considered myself witty, but thank you.

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