Back to Normal?

Whatever normal that is, of course.

I’m back on my meds.  I’ve had two decent nights sleep.  I’m still stressed.  But hey, that’s nothing new.

I had some freaky dreams last night.  One where I was trying to get up the steps of our back porch and just couldn’t.  It wasn’t like an escalator going the wrong way.  It was more like just as I was taking a step I’d either shrink or the step would grow huge.

Gidgette is in heat again.  She’s seemed to have calmed down for the moment, but she seems so miserable.  The spay didn’t go as planned.  About a year ago, she had a shot of kitty birth control.  It looks like 2 options.  The shot or exploratory surgery to see if they can find any missed ovarian tissue.  Unfortunately the language barrier is larger with my current vet than with my previous vet.  Kitty PMS must really suck :(  My poor baby.

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