Knee and Stuff

My knee is better.  I’ll have to have it drained again on Monday.  It’s still painful.  I think it might be time to ask the nice ortho for some pain meds.  I don’t know why I let myself suffer like this?  I feel like I don’t deserve the relief the medicine might bring me.  Oh yeah, time to take my night meds too.  Those need reduced.  Sleeping 12+ hours is not a good thing.

There’s nothing on TV tonight.  Good thing I picked up a few paperbacks at English Plus for under 3 dollars last weekend.  Or I can always fall back on Harry Potter.  I’ve read them so much, at least one has fallen to pieces.

Chevy and Sprite are really hitting the Korean advertisement market.  I have no idea why.  There was a flyer on my door for Chevy cars a couple of weeks ago.

I’m trying to find a light weight powder to even out my skin tone.  I’m starting to get a bit ruddy.  I’ve tried a bunch of upscale ones (finding cheap makeup in Korea is not easy) and they all make me itchy and red.  I guess I’m destined to live with my ruddiness.  What I need is Alamy.  But I’ve never seen it in Korea and I don’t want to send my father shopping for make up for me.  God only knows what color he’d come back with.  I could order online, but I have no idea what color my skin really is.  I think the last time I wore make up was my senior prom.  No, I’m not lazy, I just have nice skin.

I give up.  I’m going to ice my knee, read a book and pet a kitty.  Perhaps not in that particular order.

2 thoughts on “Knee and Stuff

  1. Doing random things will sure make for the time being. I hope you’ll find all those things that you need for as well as do those things that you need to do. As for sleeping, sure don’t make it 12+ hours. That could make your back ache and the proper circulation of your blood would resume to more than doing just a good bout of yawning each morning.

  2. Saw Dr. P today, but I’m not sure he reduced the night meds. I’ll compare the old packets with the new ones. If not, I’ll be back on Wednesday (tomorrow is a holiday).

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