That’s the only way to describe how I feel.  Nothing seems worth the effort.  Kids want to speak Korean in class….  go ahead.  I can’t force you to stop.  I can’t make you do your homework.  I can’t make you care.  There’s only so much I can do as a teacher.  I try to make lessons fun and engaging.  But when the kids don’t care…  well it makes me stop caring.

You know those old Loony Toons or Tom & Jerry cartoons…  the ones where someone gets tapped on the head with a hammer and falls into a million pieces?  Yeah.  That’s how I feel.  There’s nothing inside of me.

Vacation didn’t really help.  It was an excuse to stay in bed all day and sleep.  I know I should have gotten out and done something.  Best I could do was make it to Dr. P’s office and the ortho to get my knee drained.

I just want to hide away.  *sigh*

One thought on “Empty

  1. Me too. I’m not even sure why either. I seem to have this immobilizing sadness lately. I’m not even sure why. Do you have any idea why you’re feeling this way? Could mother’s day have been an issue for you?

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