I had a productive weekend for some reason.  Maybe after the week-long fiasco of no meds, things are starting to restabalize.

  • Grocery shopping done.
  • Korean studied one hour (demonstratives)
  • Shell script analyzed (still don’t understand all of it)
  • Learned to make a new start menu item using KDE
  • Apartment swept (sadly had to just look up the past tense of sweep)
  • Litter box cleaned
  • 1 load of laundry done
  • Card for upcoming wedding purchased
  • Bought a few new things for my classroom (especially for my kindergarten class)
  • Ate lunch with two friends.  Boggled that they finished all their food and I left half of mine (I want to know how Koreans stay so damn skinny when they eat so much)
  • Pill box set for next week

Now Alias is on TV.  I just need to gather up what I need for my science lab tomorrow and get all my bills and bank transfer stuff together to pay tomorrow and then I can call it a night.

I do have to say, I’m tired.  It’s just after 8PM, but I’m ready for bed.

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