Too Much

Between yesterday and today, I’ve swept and vacuumed my whole apartment, make two treks to the “apple store”, changed the linens on my bed, did three loads of laundry and unpacked a delivery of stuff from Costco.  My body and brain are feeling it.  I still have some stuff to do for work.  I’m trying to get my Mac setup so it makes sense.  It’s a bit more challenging because it’s OS X Server.  It was the only mini they had at the “apple store” (Frisbee, a Premium Apple Reseller).  I have iTunes churning away at my music library.  I have to figure out what to use for pictures.

I’m yawning and I just want to go to bed.  But I still have some work work to do.  God I hate this stupid “call the kids and ask a question every month” crap (AKA – Ring Ring Talk).  The teachers hate it.  The little kids like it.  The big kids hate it.  BUT….  the parents love it.  And if the parents love it, by God we’ll do it.

I see my pdoc tomorrow.  I’m going to ask him about fibromyalgia, which was suggested to me by a reader.

This is bad.  I’m feeling a bit OCD at the moment.  I’m looking at all the dust on the TV and the general messy state of my bathroom.  And I just want to do something about it.  But my body (especially my shoulders and neck) is screaming at me.  Perhaps I should listen…

3 thoughts on “Too Much

  1. Basically I have to call up all my students and ask 1 question. It only takes a minute or two per kid, but getting them on the phone is the challenging part. They’re never home.

    Speaking of RRT, gotta go make some calls.

  2. Mo says:

    It would be interesting to know who invented this intrusive idea and explain to them that Time Off Work means Time Off Work.

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