Dear Body

Sorry about that trip today.  You walked all the way to find out it wasn’t a hotel, but a sauna.  Oh well.  I hope you don’t mind I skipped the public shower part.  I know you weren’t really happy with the sleeping arrangements.  I don’t like the floor either.  Your poor brain couldn’t handle the coffin like aspect of the sleeping room.  I know the chair wasn’t much better.  We were lucky that the nice man took us to the “resting room”.  Still the floor, but open.  Who would want to sleep in a 5 x 3 x 3 box is obviously a very strange person.

Yeah, so sorry about the lack of sleep.  Hips, I know you were really miserable.  That’s why I got us out of there.  Body, you did a good job on the trek back to Seoul Station.  I know, I should have booked and earlier train home.  Hell, I should have booked the first train possible and just got us the hell out of there.  If we ever go to Itaewon again, we’ll go in the morning, not the night before.  Seoul Station needs to make it easier to figure the hell out.  I don’t know how far we walked to finally find a subway station.  The best part, is we were 3 stops (well, 1 stop on one train and 2 stops on another) from Itaewon.

And the food.  I know I’ve been feeding you better food.  I promise not to give you fast food (even if it is Taco Bell) three times a day.  I know that last coffee pushed you over the edge from baby migraine to MIGRAINE FROM HELL.  Sorry that we had to spend like 4 hours at Seoul Station basically sitting on the steps.  They need to put some benches down by the tracks or something.  There isn’t enough seating in that place.  At least the train was comfortable.

Oh and that last cab driver.  I wish they would ban manuals in cabs.  Tummy, you weren’t doing to good to begin with.  The trip home was hard.  I know we were all glad to see our bed.  Not so glad to see the cat puke.  Tummy, you did a good job not losing it while it was being cleaned up.

All in all, knees, ankles, hips and the rest of you.  Good job.  I hope you enjoy your rest tonight and tomorrow.


KatM (your stupid human)

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