I’m pretty proud of myself.  After struggling last weekend to upgrade my desktop and failing (and subsequently purchasing a Mac Mini I had my computer guy swap the hard drives from my failed media center to my desktop.  Oh yeah, my working hypothesis was the hard drive in my desktop was basically on it death bed.

So this weekend I decided to futz around with the media center.  I had an external drive ready to back up the data on it.  I try to boot it and it seems like it’s booting, but no video signal.  I (on my own, sans Google) managed to pull out the video card and RAM, blow out all the dust (oh was it bad) and reassemble everything.  One last try and I got the happy blue light on my monitor.  BINGO!  I don’t know what worked.  I learned a hell of  lot though.  And the inside of computers aren’t as scary as I thought they were.  It’s kind of like the revelation I went through when I started learning Linux and found out the command line isn’t anything to be scared of.


As an update.  Yes, I’m still in pain.  Migraine is sucking and I’ve maxed out on the medicine.  All I can do is nibble on crackers and drink water because anything heavier comes right up.   Yes, I was so hungry this morning, I made the mistake of eating left over pizza from before my trip.  Bad idea.  I’m popping motrin every 6 hours and moaning in bed like a wimp.   Good thing I can’t eat because there isn’t any food in the house.  Tomorrow is a holiday.  So at least I don’t have to go to work.

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