I’m Here

Yes, I’m here.  Dealing with Effexor side effects.  Went off it today.  Heartburn, stomach pain and nausea with bruising and taste perversion thrown in just for fun.  I went back to Dr. P today.  I love that I can simply walk in without an appointment (basically how it works in all of Korea).  In fact, there was nobody there at all.  The nurses were playing computer games.  :-)

So he upped the Imiprimine and the Risperdol.  Hopefully I’ll sleep better too.  I’m monitoring the bruising on my hand (failed IV placement) because the bruise has been growing since Tuesday.  If I still have it on Monday, he’s going to send me to a hematologist.  Like I need anything else wrong with me.

Tendonitis is back and I’m back in a wrist splint.  I don’t know how much more I can take of this…

2 thoughts on “I’m Here

  1. I’ll keep an eye on you, from afar. Thanks for making my voice go away without coughing! Not sure how to get it back, and with an extra vacation day on Monday, it’s Tuesday I’ll go to the doctor… Not that there’s much left in the base-insurance that covers anything over here. Our Government is stripping everything from the base-insurance, including psychological help (pay the first 5 times yourself, €295 per trip!) just to cover what they call ‘necessary cuts’. So be glad you don’t live around here, as most of your meds are now paid for by yourself. The hell you need them. ;-)



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