Learning the Mac

Some notes for me (and anyone else just starting out on OS X)…

  • iChat sucks.  It doesn’t do MSN.  Ha, not surprising though.  Adium is good (and has a cute duck icon in the doc).
  • Make a regular user account right after you set up.  Google how to do it.  It wasn’t intuitive (at least on the server edition).
  • If you are at all nerdy and like doing things in the terminal, put it in the dock.  Will save mouse clicks and prevent RSI.
  • If you want to use Linux in a virtual machine (like Virtual Box), you need the full install iso.  The Live CD doesn’t seem to work.
  • Just get used to iTunes.
  • Picassa is an OK substitute for iPhoto.
  • LibreOffice (fork of Open Office) seems to work well if you don’t want to shell out for Office.
  • VLC.  VLC.  VLC for video.
  • Safari is OK.  Firefox and Chrome are available too.

That’s all I can think of at the minute.  I like my Mac.  I like the ease of installing software, and uninstalling for that matter.  Getting use to the UI is a bit of a struggle.  It probably would have been easier if I was coming from Gnome in the Linux world.  I’m still trying to retrain my eyes to not look down to the right for the time, but to look up and right.

One thought on “Learning the Mac

  1. RE: Virtual machines. You may need to change the boot order in Virtual Box. I bet that’s why it looked like the LiveCD install I did failed to boot a second time.

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