Triggers and Trigger Points

I had lidocain mixed in saline injected into the two most painful areas of my shoulder by my orthopedist today.  I can’t say it’s helped any, but this is something that gets repeated every few days for a while.  It hurt, though not as bad as the acupuncture.  While he was doing the injections, I started having body memories.  This led to tears on my part.  Shame?  Yeah.  I felt really dumb for crying over a not overly painful shot.  I got my head together enough to pay (about 9 USD for the visit, PT and injections).  But I got out of the building and really started to lose my head.  I wasn’t quite sure where I was even though I was about 3 blocks from work. I ducked behind a building and just cried.  I’m not sure how long.  What was it about those shots that was so triggering?  I don’t even know where to start looking.

Sorry for the brevity.  Wrist splint + typing = not fun.

2 thoughts on “Triggers and Trigger Points

  1. Our body holds our pent up emotion and tension, I have found that simply doing yoga or getting a massage opens up a flood of emotion; I have cried during swedish massages and acupuncture. I think when our body releases some of that tension it’s holding, it opens us up to vulnerability? I too have felt dissociated after something like that – finding it hard to figure out where I am or forgetting which block I live on.
    scary, but you aren’t alone! This is how PTSD symptoms present themselves…I can’t say why you were triggered, but sometimes these things just aren’t easily explainable!

  2. Yeah. I’m one of those science types who wants to know why. I’ll live. And I’ll be more prepared for the next time…

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