Understanding Triggers

I think I finally understand why the trigger point injections are so triggering for me.  First of all, they are painful.  Like cry out and bring tears to your eyes painful.  Even after switching to a finer needle, they’re almost unbearable.  And let me tell you, lidocane burns.  So that’s that little fact too.

Having the doctor behind me is somewhat triggering.  I can’t see what’s going on.  Plus he’s poking around in already painful areas trying to determine where to do the injection.  That brings back my touch = pain association.  The PT having to poke at my back and neck to figure out where to put the TENS cups reinforces that touch = pain thing too.

I think the biggest thing about the injections is that I can’t predict when he’s going to stick the needle in.  I realize for a normal person that might not be a problem.  For me, it all goes back to the unpredictability of my father and his games and the pain.  I think I’m going to ask Dr. K to tell me when he’s going to stick the needle in.  It’s a simple request (I hope).

I am worried about one thing.  As the pain in my neck and shoulders gets better, I can feel the pain in my lower back ramping up.  It’s up to about a 3.  It feels nothing like the pain I had with the herniated disks.  It’s the same sort of pain in my upper body.  And it’s right where fibro trigger points are.  I don’t think I could handle PT or injections in that reason.  Lying on my stomach for any sort of procedure is difficult for me and I had to do that for the TENS on my back.  But to have someone poking around down there.  Ugh.  No please no.  I know I shouldn’t ignore it.  I’m going to try some gentle stretching and hopefully I can prevent a full flare up down there.

2 thoughts on “Understanding Triggers

  1. It takes an incredible amount of trust to have someone stand behind you.
    I think its incredibly hard to try and get oneself to comprehend that the pain that’s about the happen is “for your own good.” This type of therapy is fertile ground for triggers.

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