Pain != Bad

Pain isn’t always bad.  I know that the pain of the injections and PT is going to help the pain of the fibro.  But try telling that to my lizard brain that just wants to escape is like telling a four year old she can’t have desert unless she finishes her vegetables.  I’ve come up with some coping strategies that help me stay in the present, especially when there is a man standing over me with a needle and causing pain.

Yesterday I started Neurontin (Gabapentin).  Wow, that stuff really hits hard.  The whole world was spinning.  I even fell asleep waiting for a student.  The side effects seem to be decreasing quickly.  I don’t like the thought of adding yet another drug to my cocktail.  But if I want to control the pain, insomnia, depression and anxiety, then it’s necessary.  And, I’ve read that Neurontin can be helpful in preventing migraines.  So that’s another plus.

So, pain isn’t always bad.  Like Austin pointed out, wrapping your head around the fact that the pain “is for your own good” is difficult.  So I’m going to keep on doing what I’m doing.  Injections and PT twice a week (maybe PT more often, I have to ask) and meds.  Plus some gentle stretching at home and exercise as I can handle it.

Now I’m tired, so I guess it’s time to hit the sack.

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