Hurting Today

After feeling somewhat better for the last couple days, today has been a horrible day.  Dr. K tried an even finer needle to make it easier on me, but I don’t think the size of the needle is going to help.  Fact is, the pain is there and sticking sharp objects in it isn’t ever going to be pleasant.  He focused on either side of my lower spine and two places in each shoulder.  Then he sent me back down for PT.  I can tolerate the heat, though it kind of sucks when it’s hot outside.  I can tolerate the TENS. It’s not painful, just a weird feeling.  The ultrasound, is harder to deal with.  The wand is hard and the PT presses down, which is painful.  But the hardest thing to deal with is the massage.  I didn’t realize such a little person could generate that kind of pressure.  My muscles scream out in pain.  I try not to scream, but I can help “ouching” and groaning.

After PT I went to the English bookstore to look for a new course book for my low level 5th/6th grade class.  There is nothing appropriate, given the constraints my boss gave me.  But I looked.  I moved around the sliding shelves, which in retrospect wasn’t all the smart.  I brought back 3 books and she didn’t like any of them.  Why?  Because the students will freak out when they see them.  Even though the material is easy, the presentation of it looks difficult.  I don’t think they’re going to react to the next book in the school’s curriculum any better.  I’m damned if I do, I’m damned if I don’t.

By that time, it was time to head over to work.  Fridays are my easy day and I didn’t have any real prep to do.  I curled up on the loveseat in the library and slept for an hour.  In retrospect, that was another bad idea.  I’m not overly tall, but I’m certainly not short either.  I think I got my neck into a funny position.  Neck ouchy.

I taught my first class, which was an exercise in frustration.  It’s Friday, and they just took a huge midterm test in their elementary schools.  I can see why they didn’t want to do anything.  Then I had a three hour break.  I made it to the bank (after having to go home because I forgot my bankbook).  I barely made it before they closed.  Bank closed at 4.  Post office closed at 4.  Needless to say I didn’t get to the post office.  If I can get out of bed in the morning, I’ll go to what I think is the one Saturday post office in Daejeon.  Oh yeah, and the Korean postal service website is crap.  I don’t know if the Korean version is better, but the English version is less than useless.  So for the rest of my break, I wrote a test.  The students aren’t going to like it.  You know, if they did their homework, the tests would be easy.  They’re almost word for word from their homework book.

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