Same Dreams

I’ve been having those same pink pajama dreams again.  It’s like the middle of the dream is missing.  I remember going to bed in the pajamas.  But the next part of the dream is hidden in like a fog.  I’ve never experienced anything like that before.  At the end of the dream, I’m naked and shivering.  I don’t cry out.  I don’t try to get help.  I can’t even tell how old I am.  I just put the pajamas back on.

It’s like this weird cycle.  I’ll wake up from the dream and then when I fall back to sleep, I’ll slip right back into it.


I’m tired right now.  Monday is my hell day 5 straight hours of teaching.  I have to go for the trigger point injections tomorrow.  Originally, it was just the left side of my neck and shoulder that was bothering me.  But now it’s back to both side.  I’m going to feed the cats and head to bed.

2 thoughts on “Same Dreams

  1. I’ve had dreams like this before. As I understand it, they’re more like flashbacks than dreams. They’re disturbing, deep, deep down distrubing, the kind that leaves you feeling sick inside. I hate those.

  2. Sick inside is a good description. I just want to know already. I hate the not knowing part. I’m tired of the repression.

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