Okay, So It Is In My Head

No, I’m not saying fibro isn’t real.  It’s as real as cancer and diabetes.  But gosh darn if stress doesn’t make it worse.  All these changes at work.  Vacation coming up (I don’t do vacation well) where I’ll probably get up, go to PT, come home and sleep all day.

I don’t know what to do about the work situation.  It’s not like I’m working more hours than my previous job, but there’s a bit difference in 25 and 55 minute classes.  Five 55 minute classes in a row (essentially a full day for me) is exhausting.  Right now I have one.  When my schedule changes I’ll have four.  There’s nothing I can do about it either.  This is how it’s going to be.

Today I decided to sleep in and skip PT.  Bad idea.  Tomorrow is injection day so I have to get up.  It’s not even 8PM and I’m so tired I could drop.  In fact, I think I’ll feed the kitties, scoop the litter box and hit the hay,.

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