New Theme

While I really liked the dark simplicity of my previous theme, I think I’m ready for something more cheerful.  I think this counts as cheerful.  It’s only 5:45 AM, but I’m up.  I woke up wanting to do some art.

Both cats are on the bed staring at me.  I’m not sure what they want.  Probably to eat my brains or something.  What can I say?  Cats are weird.  You just have to accept that.

Speaking of cats being weird, Ivory got herself on top of the wardrobe (how???) and then couldn’t get down.  She ended up using my head as a step to the floor.  Cats.

I did do some art.  It’s early.  I’d like to say I can see the sun rising, but I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun.  Such is life during monsoon season in Korea.



Abstract Sunrise

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