Topic #198 Describe Your Dream House

Let’s see.  For the last four years I’ve been living in shoebox studio apartments so this should be fun.

I want a smallish house. OK, maybe this doesn’t count as smallish…

A nice kitchen.  By nice I don’t mean granite and stainless steel every where, but wood and copper pots and room to cook.

A computer room.  A little place where I can have a home server, my regular desktop, a printer/scanner.  Your usual geeky toys.  In my fantasy world, I’d have some sort of tablet (iPad – drool) that would let me monitor my little geekdom.  I’d definitely have a backup server.  I don’t want to host my own website or email, I let that level of geekiness to my brother.  Right now all my geeky stuff is house on/under a Costco table.

A library.  Bookshelves, but not the floor to ceiling kind.  I’m too clumsy to climb a ladder.  Just some shelves, a nice lamp and a big squishy chair to read in.  Cat area mandatory.

Your typical living room with sofa and chairs, some tables and a decent (not top of the line, but not a piece of crap like I currently own) TV.  Some place for friends to hang out, have popcorn and watch a movie.  Cat area mandatory.  This would probably transition to an informal dining area.

A bedroom.  Double bed.  No compromises there.  The usual closets for clothes and shoes.  Wall space for my art work and the work of friends.  Cat area mandatory.

A bathroom.  Must have a bathtub.  A big one.  I haven’t had a bathtub in years.


Colors.  I love fantasizing about colors.  Sunset colors in the kitchen moving to more neutrals for the dining area.  The living area probably pale yellows, almost buttery yellow.  Trying to keep a flow.

My bedroom.  Purple.  Not purple purple, but a pale pale just barely there purple.

The library.  Blue.  Not in your face blue, but more of a neutral blue.

The computer room.  Green.  Muted greens.  I don’t want in your face colors.

The bathroom.  Blue.  But water toned blues.  And lots of white (with a hint of blue) trim.


This will never happen.  Right now I’m an ESL teacher in Korea.  I’ll live in shoeboxes while I’m here.  Some, bigger than others, to be fair.  But it was fun to think about.

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