To those of you who are worried, don’t be.  I think it’s more about the physical pain from the fibro.  I kind of had it under control then the shit hit the fan at work.  I’m physically exhausted.  I can’t wait until Saturday so I can rest.  But knowing me, I won’t.  I can’t believe how fast this floor gets dirty.  I really need to mop again.  And Gidgette has been throwing up and having really soft stools randomly, so she might have to go to the vet on Saturday.  And I’m supposed to show up for PT on Saturday.  And I need to go to the post office.

The fun for today was waking up, putting weight on my left foot and almost falling down.  The point where the muscles join the tendons in my calf was all in spasms.  Dr. K did the injection there too (including my back) and they treated it in PT as well.

I’m tired.  I think I get one thing figured out then three more things fall in my lap.

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