Deep Breath

As in I can take a deep breath again.  The lidocaine shot and the pain killers did their job.

And a deep breath getting ready for next week.  Last week took it out of me.  I’m ready to give it just shy of my all.  If I give it my all, then  I’m going to end up in bed all weekend again, possibly in so much pain I can’t breathe or walk or whatever.  I’m seeing that I have to take care of myself.   That’s the only way I’m going to get through being the only foreign teacher at work.

Oh yeah, and Gidgette is better.  She’s chowing down on the wet food I mix her medicine into and then some more wet food (who knew you could get kangaroo cat food — it’s an Aussie company).  She’s still crying, either that or she’s being a brat.  So I’ll check in with the vet tomorrow and see what he says.

2 thoughts on “Deep Breath

  1. What’s causing all the pain? I am sure you shared in an earlier post, so forgive me for missing it. Do take care of yourself. We are the only us we got. :)

    Your fellow … CCC’r

  2. ok … now I see that you are suffering from Fibro. That can be a REAL Bitch. I hope that you can find a good solution for your suffering, I have found pilates reformer classes work wonders for me. I have missed two weeks of classes and I am starting to hurt again. Many blessings for you girl from me. :)

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