I Did It

I wrote yesterday that I was going to ignore my fatigue and just do the art that’s been in my head.  And I did.  The actual act of doing the art took even more of my limited energy reserve.   But mentally it gave me a bit more energy.  I’m really proud of how my abstract rainbow turned out.

As far as my body, I was doing slightly better.  And then……  my boss decided to have a summer party for the kids.  Yes, this involved me supervising 30 kids in a room that shouldn’t hold more than 10 kids at a time.  I was running back and forth serving food and making sure nobody was dying.  I didn’t get to sit down until 6:30.  My whole body aches.  And as much as I want to sleep in tomorrow, I think I need to get up and go to PT and maybe get some of the more tender points injected.

2 thoughts on “I Did It

  1. CoderForLife says:

    I love your rainbow, and the sincere, focused effort that went into it. If you listen carefully, maybe you can hear me applauding half-a-world away.

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