Fibro History

This is for my own personal use, interesting to see the pain has persisted nearly 30 years.



Generalized pain – Elementary School (upper grades) – Prescribed calcium supplements by pediatrician

Generalized pain, fatigue, depression – Middle School – Nothing done, didn’t trust parents or doctors

Generalized pain, fatigue, depression, confusion – High School Senior Year 1993-1994 – pediatrician referred to infection disease specialist (Cleveland Clinic) – massive amounts of blood work, consistently elevated sedimentation rate – No further referral given

Generalized pain, exhaustion, depression – College 1996 – University Health Center – Screened for fibro – diagnosis not given because of too few trigger point reactions, doctor said he strongly suspected fibro but couldn’t give diagnosis (wouldn’t have done any good, he was on of the weekly rotating resident through the university)

Generalized pain, exhaustion, depression – Graduate school 1997-2000 – Treated for depression and PTSD – no doctor (in hospital or PCP) considered anything but mental illness

Generalized pain, muscle knots in trigger points, exhaustion, react to all fibro trigger points – Being treated with gabapentin, sleep meds, PT, and trigger point injections as needed.

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