Falling Apart

I’m strongly considering getting a neuro consult.  Three times in the last two  months, my right foot/ankle gave out.  Twice out on the street leaving me with road rash and once in my p-docs office.

I can’t focus long enough to even see if it might be related to the fibro.

I’m tired of this.  I’m depressed, but I’m more depressed over my health.  I see why people want to end their lives when living with a chronic illness.

One thought on “Falling Apart

  1. I’ve had a long standing issue with my left foot/ankle. GO see the doctor. You may need PT or sometimes even a simple wrap will help (but only if you know how to put it on properly). It is depressing…I want my body to be as strong as it was 15 years ago! Don’t let it get you down…. just go get it fixed! :)

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