Mama Cat

First of all, I’m sick.  I hate parents who send their kids to school sick.  It must be making the rounds as a friend of mine in Busan had it last week.


So I was sleeping this afternoon.  In the dream were my two cats acting as mamas.  There was a tiny little kitten they were nursing and cleaning and caring for.

Me, as an adult was observing this.  But somehow I  knew that little  kitten was me.

It’s no secret I’m struggling right now.  Muscle weakness in my right leg has led to three or four falls in the last two months.  My pain level is hovering at a 5 or 6.  I’m depressed and feeling suicidal.  I’m overburdened at work.  Nobody knows what is going on with this transition to this franchised curriculum.  My boss will not even entertain hiring another foreign teacher.  Yes, I’m only working 27 hours a week, but that’s compressed into a 30 hour span.


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