PA’s Wonder Cane’s Korean Cousin

PA often talks about wonder cane (go read her blog, it’s totally worth it).

Well, if this keeps up, Wonder Cane is going to get a Korean Cousin.  Three nasty falls in two months plus numerous other wobbles.  Oh yeah, half the time I don’t sit down on my bed, I kind of fall onto it. I was reading a fibro message board where people were talking about balance problem being another symptom of fibro.

I’ve had balance issues all my life.  I fall up and down stairs.  I fall over my feet.  I fall over non-existent cracks in the sidewalk.  The running joke is if I didn’t have 15 years of dance classes I’d be up a creek without a paddle.

Sorry, I’m sick and have been all weekend.  I don’t feel like writing much.

One thought on “PA’s Wonder Cane’s Korean Cousin

  1. Oh, thanks so much for that mention and sending me the link as I haven’t been online much lately. I’m 50/50 on it though. Sweet for Wonder Cane having a Korean cousin (cool!) but not for you having to use it.

    However, Wonder Cane and his brother (I recently acquired a third but no family relation) are immensely helpful with all of my epilepsy issues. So, if you need a cane, I would say get a cane. I held off for so long feeling I’d never need it, my epilepsy would never get so bad!

    Wrong. Turns out the best thing I’ve ever done for it. The first time I used Wonder Cane, he paid for himself! And right now? Bloody hell! I’d be crawling around on the ground (seriously at certain points!)

    Another thing I’d like to mention, is about the balance issues. OMG! Me too. Falling all over. And nothing to do with epilepsy, canes. Completely outside of that. Aspergers and being on the Spectrum.

    I watched a very long presentation given by Temple Grandin on YouTube a while ago. Don’t ask me to find it! I think I found it through a link on Twitter. Anyway, she was talking about our senses and how we perceive things differently based upon which ones are “stronger” for us being on the Spectrum.

    Some people are more visual, some have a keener sense of hearing, all of that. She explained that she was intensely visual, therefore it was extremely easy for her to come up with the idea of the cow slaughter thing.

    However, this is what REALLY blew me away. It was about not being a visual person (and this has always been problematic for me.) If your strengths don’t lie in being visual, you will do all sorts of nutty stuff where that sense is needed! I do!

    I have problems with escalators (have to watch so I don’t trip.) I’m tripping over stuff that isn’t there! Ditto navigation of stairs and keeping a fine eye. Just so much! I even trip over my canes!!! I mean my canes are supposed to help me. How ridiculous is that?!

    I’d never heard of such a thing, and it was like, apart from “normal” klutziness? AHA! So have a think about that one. I’m not sure how “visual” a person you are.

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