Pink Pajamas

Again, yes.  I’m finding it hard to wait for whatever my mind has in store for me to come.   I feel like, come brain, tell me.  Kick me some more while I’m down.  I haven’t felt this tired or in over my head since grad school when I did the bulk of my therapy.  I know there is something just below the surface.  I keep sketching the same thing over again.  I don’t care what it looks like, but it’s a picture of pink pajamas.  I can’t even put a head on it.  I don’t know when this happened so I don’t want to put on the hair.  Yes, it sounds crazy, but I am crazy.

Sorry for the sarcasm.  Another piece of fun news is I have (fairly large) lipoma on my right leg.  The fall in December probably triggered it.  My ortho happened to be looking at my legs and noticed it.  He ended up doing an ultrasound (20 bucks boys and girls, which is why I stay in Korea).  Essentially its an overgrowth of fatty tissue.  BUT (here’s the best part) being overweight has no bearing on the development of these.  Something else these doctors can’t blame on me being fat.  I can probably easily have it removed, but I think it’ll be considered cosmetic so not covered under insurance.  I’ll leave it alone unless it starts having babies.

Speaking of Dr. K, he wanted to do the injections in my hips.  I lied and said they didn’t hurt too bad.  Right now it’s hard enough lying on the PT table with the TENS cups on neck and shoulders and hips.  I just couldn’t deal with a man over me with my pants down, even a  little.

OK, I’m about falling asleep here, so we’ll call it a night.  PT and then the doctor with the evil sucking machine tomorrow.

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