The Saga Continues

In a tad over two weeks, I have an appointment with an oncologist for this lipoma on my leg.  Freaked out doesn’t start to begin to describe how I feel.  I can’t do any thing until the appointment so I’m going to try not to let it drive me batty.  Everything I read is they are very very rarely malignant.  But I’m such a medical freak mine probably will be.


I’m hoping the story is really something like this.  This thing is huge and not that attractive.  Getting it removed normally wouldn’t be paid for by insurance because it’s “cosmetic”.  Oncologist says, this is much larger than normal and had an X% chance of becoming cancerous.  It’s my opinion it should be removed.  Surgeon removes it and sends it to pathology who says, wtf it’s a garden variety, albeit large lipoma.  Health insurance covers it.

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