Doing OK

I stuck to my 80/20 plan.  I went to PT and got my MRI scheduled for my leg (apparently the stand alone clinics are significantly cheaper than the hospitals).  I went to the coffee shop and worked on tests.  When my brain went kaput, I went home and slept for a while.  I went to dinner and then another coffee shop to do calls.  I stopped when my phone battery died (*sniff sniff*) but I was at the end of a class and ready to stop.

Tomorrow I’ll get up when I’m able.  I’ll head to the store and pick up some cereal and milk.  It’s quick and easy and healthier than take out.  Oh yeah, and I’ll get one box of the healthy stuff and one of the bad stuff.  Sorry, can’t resist my Oreo cookie cereal.  I need to finish one test before Monday afternoon.  It’ll have to be done tomorrow because I have to see Dr. P and Dr. K on Monday before work.

One day at a time….

One thought on “Doing OK

  1. CoderForLife says:

    This is an encouraging report. Having goals – good. Working the plan – even better. The payoff – priceless. Rock on with your 80/20. Slow but steady wins the race.

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