Movin’ on Up

Or maybe I should say down and around.  The pain in my neck and upper back has moved around to the front of my shoulders.

Yesterday it had gone as far down as my tail bone.  I knew the shots would help, albeit temporarily.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted Dr. K to do them down at my tail bone.  Here we go again… rational mind versus emotional mind.  Emotional mind says “Are you friggin’ crazy?  Lay down on your stomach and let some man pull down your pants.  Have you totally lost your marbles?”  Rational mind says “He is not your father.  He is not out to hurt you.  He wants to help.  And he’s seen plenty of butts being a doctor.”

In the end, my rational mind won (yay me?).  He did the shots starting at the top of my neck and going all the way down my back to my tail bone.  I was sweating when he was finished.  Part of it is the shot, well, they don’t hurt.  The needle itself is very fine (as he learned when he started them with me), but the pressure of the fluid going into an already painful muscle isn’t much fun.  Most of it was me trying not to cry because of the pain and trying not to freak out because of the position I was in.  I feel kind of silly about it now.  But the near panic and pain was very real at the time.

So now I’m following doctor’s orders and getting some rest.  It could be worse.  He hinted about putting me in the hospital to try to get some better pain control.  But with the pay cut I had to take and paying for doctor bills and such, I really can’t afford hospital time.  Plus there are the cats.  And I seriously can’t even stand the thought of rice, soup, kimchi and some strange side dish three times a day.  No, I’ll rest.  Mostly because the weather sucks right now (yay rain, not — maybe part of the flare of the pain?) and starting tomorrow everything is basically closed for Korean Thanksgiving.  I’ve got plenty of TV to watch, though I have a feeling I’ll end up sleeping most of the day.  I plan to do some gentle stretching too.  And snuggle with the kitties.

Speaking of kitties, Ivory has decided to curl up on my arms and hands, so I better sign off.

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