It’s  9/11 today in Korea (coming to a timezone near you soon).  It happens to be Chuseok in Korea.  It’s a day of celebration and remembrance of one’s ancestors.  It’s the 10th anniversary of the horrible tragedy of 9/11.  I’ve been spending the day (while awake, bed rest on doctors orders) reflecting on people I loved who’ve passed away in the last year.  I know it sounds horrible, but I’m glad I’m not in the US to see replays of that disaster.  I couldn’t handle it.  I remember where I was.  I was in the Kansas State Mental Hospital.  I walked into the ward after music therapy and it was on the TV.  I can’t get those images out of my head.

RIP to all those who lost their lives, whether it be by terrorism, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease or any other of the multiple ways we die.

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