Eating Would Help

I can’t do it.  Food makes me sick.  I managed to get down some cereal tonight.  Didn’t matter if I was or wasn’t taking the anti-nausea meds.  This is all one big circle of pain, nausea, fatigue and depression.  I can’t break out of the loop.  I’m near the point of having to throw up.  Or I could have some stupid stomach virus as I’m running a low grade temperature (where low grade for me = 98.6).  So much for 4 days of rest, huh?

Mythbusters is on in 15 minutes so I’m going to sign off.

One thought on “Eating Would Help

  1. I am nauseous and depressed all of the time, too. Somedays I don’t eat anything, somedays eating helps. I hope you will feel better soon though.

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