The Joy of Not Caring

Parent seminar on the new curriculum today.  Showed up early to finish the bulletin boards.  Said my hellos to the parents and then retreated to the library where I dozed.  At least the boss bought lunch.
Apparently there is another day of this crap.  Oh yeah, because of it, I had to skip PT (and I think injections).  My neck is OK.  My shoulders are killing me from having to hold my arms over my head.  But the muscles that run right behind my bra strap are so knotted, even stretching doesn’t touch the pain.  Night and showers just don’t go together for me.  So, no hot shower.  No need to trigger the PTSD.  Hopefully now that it’s started to cool down (70s/50s) they’ll bring out the heating pads.  I looked all through HomePlus and couldn’t find one.

2 thoughts on “The Joy of Not Caring

  1. My rheumy suggested a moist heat pad and I can’t even explain to you how much better it works than the regular one. Just a tip, in case you haven’t tried one yet.

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