I didn’t have to make an appearance at parent meetings today.  That means I got to go to the ortho.  He did the usual injections.  I also mentioned my left shoulder hurt and I couldn’t move it past a certain point.  Thank you three days of redecorating.  I have tendonitis in that shoulder now.  He likes to get all techy with me and show me all sorts of anatomical diagrams.  I just smile and nod.  In the distant past I would have understood it, but now I can barely remember my name.  So he did an ultrasound and then injected lidocaine in my shoulder.  I gotta say, seeing the needle going in and all was pretty cool.  But I’m not your average human being.  I remember in high school having to have a barium swallow done (yuck).  When I got to school the next day I found my favorite teacher (my bio teacher) and told her how cool it was to watch the peristalsis in my esophagus.  Like I said, not a normal human being.

2 thoughts on “Yay

  1. Our back to school night is tomorrow and I have a Drs appointment tomorrow and I’ve been redoing a room too. We are twins! I hope your shoulder will feel better and it’s great that you don’t have a weak stomach, we are not twins in that instance.

  2. Hope your back to school night went well. Weak stomach? Only for puke. And when one has a cat who loves to puke at random times and places. Ugh. Why can’t she puke in the litter box?

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