Theme Change

Thanks to for creating this retro Mac theme.  I’ll leave it for a few day in tribute to Steve Jobs.  I fondly remember the Apple //c we had in the 80s.  And that’s when computers were 1000s of dollars.  A few years ago, my brother and I brought that computer out of mothballs, and yet it still worked.  I got to play some of my favorite games, including the space ship blowing up typing game called “MasterType”.

2 thoughts on “Theme Change

  1. CoderForLife says:

    Good themeing. Just for fun, I’ll go turn on my Mac SE and compare screens. This one looks a tad bit bigger.

  2. I remember that smiley Mac from grad school. At the time UT was the largest academic purchaser of Macs in the country. It was also the biggest school in the country.

    And I remember the voodoo of “rebuilding the desktop”. Because I was the “lab manager” (ie low woman on the totem pole) I got to do it one one of our 6? 8? macs at least once a day. And then came the tangerine G3 iMac. Gawd that thing was uuuuughhhhhhhhllllly. Glad Apple came to their senses and discontinued the neon colored computers.

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