Stress? Huh?

It’s Monday.  That was the first problem.  I was sick all weekend and this morning I couldn’t drag my butt out of bed.  Thus, no meds until tomorrow.  This morning I stepped in cat puke on the way to the bathroom.  Great.  I think I got a bad bag of food because neither Gidgette or Ivory will eat it.  I came home and there was poor Gidgette dry heaving and finally bringing up a bit of water.  Put dinner in fridge.  Put cat in carrier.  Put shoes back on.  And turn right around (the vet is in the same building I work in).  Three sticks to get enough blood while I’m trying to hold up an 11 pound cat up.  My arms were shaking, I was upset.  Blah blah blah.  Some abnormalities mainly due to not eating.  So I have to wait 3 hours before I can give her her medicine which means I’ll be up late.

Now I’m in no mood for diner.  I’m cold and I’m tired and I hurt like hell.  All this started happening when I changed their food (my vet doesn’t carry the kind they ate before).

*le sigh*

Hopefully I’ll get some sleep tonight.

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