Pizza Face

I’ve got folliculitis (??) and my face and arms look like pepperoni pizzas.  Saw a derm twice before today.  Gave me all topical stuff.  No change.  Got a second opinion from someone else.  Same dx, different treatment.  7 days of oral meds plus an antibiotic ointment.

I was feeling good until today.  I  couldn’t get warm.  My boss even remarked I had a sweater on.  But the building (and my apartment) were colder than outside.  The weather was changing all day and the fibro pain is flaring up.  I was really tired today, for no particularly good reason.  I guess I’ll try to get Dr. K to treat my neck and upper back tomorrow and then do the PT.

It’s raining now, I’m going to close the windows and turn the heat on low and try to get warm.  I will find an electric blanket in the country if it kills me.

Oh yeah, cats like their new food.

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