Lemonade or Apple Juice?

I thought I loved my mini.  But lately it’s been a piece of crap.  USB ports disappearing.  Just power cycling the device (printer / hard drive) doesn’t work.  Nope.  Got to power cycle the whole computer.

Let it go to sleep by itself, at least 5 times a week, it won’t wake up.  Either that or its losing contact with the monitor.

Of course, when I trekked across town to take it to the Apple retailer, they could reproduce the sleep problem and they didn’t have any random USB thing to try to replicate that.  So now….. I have to take a morning and go to the repair place.  That involves unhooking everything, boxing it back up and going god knows where.  The guy at the store wrote the address for a cab driver after I told him I don’t do subways.

I did get three tests written this weekend.  One yesterday and two today.  I think I can use some old tests as a template for three new ones.

I’m half watching Law & Order LA.  They just started showing it on Fox Korea.  I’ll give it a chance.  I’ve liked all the other L&O spin off.

Started sunny today, now its cloudy and looking at rain tomorrow.  These weather changes are sending my fibro into over drive.  In positive news I dumped stupid GP and found one who is an internal medicine doc.  I’m off the thyroid drug.  It was such a low dose that I’m not sure it was doing anything.  It was mostly me not wanting to see stupid GP and me wanting to know if it was responsible for the anorexia and taste perversion.  Nope.  I have to wait until about the first of the year before he can recheck my thyroid to make sure everything is out of my system and it has had a chance to stabilize.  I haven’t been able to do my workouts this week, the fatigue was too much.  When I saw cool IM I weighed myself.  Another 10 down.  That means I’ve lost somewhere between 60 and 65 pounds in the last year.  Oh and my pizza face seems a bit better.  *crosses fingers*

One thought on “Lemonade or Apple Juice?

  1. No wonder my face wasn’t clearing up until I saw the new derm. Turns out the inflamed follicles tend to be infected with staph. I’m assuming he gave me an oral antibiotic. He also gave me an antibiotic ointment to put o the spots. Oh yeah, he mentioned stress makes it worse. STRESS????? What STRESS would that be in my life????

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