Much better

I do so much better mood/fibro wise when the sun is out.  Today ’twas so.  And it looks like it for the next 2 days (at least).

I can’t wait to get the madness of test week over.  Oh, but then comes the fun of Halloween.  I’m all for stickin’ the kids in a room and letting them watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”.  Lucky me gets to be in the craft room.  At least it won’t be a free for all this year.  They’re planning on having the classes move through in groups.
And at least my craft is making door knob hangers.  Worst thing that can happen is someone puts out an eye.  I jest.  I jest.  But I’ve got to laminate all the bloody things.

So much for tonight.  My last lesson ran over time.  And I think I still have that test to write….  *checks dropbox* … HOT DOG!  I did do it this afternoon before work. *pats self on back*

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