Yes, another work rant.  I rant about work because it keeps me sane.  Well, sane-ish.  It’s the same reason I rant about the fibro.  I think I’m still coming to grips with my pissed off-ness at all the doctors that ignored me all those years.  Yes I was depressed.  I don’t fault them for that.  But please, I was coming and constantly complaining about pain.  It took nearly 30 years, but at least someone is listening now.

It used to be on Thursday, I taught 5 roughly 1 hour classes.  Then I had almost an hour break.  Then a 40-60 minute class depending on how much fun we were having (it’s an individual student who has the same warped sense of humor I have).   S0 Thursday before classes, my boss drops the bomb.  You have another class.  My jaw hit my chest as I asked when.  Oh, between McQueen and SuperHeroes.  Bye Bye break.  Now I basically teach from 2-9.  Yes, I realize most people in the real world work more hours.  But so do I.  Lesson prep.  Grading diaries with spelling and grammar worse than mine.  Writing and grading tests.  It all adds up.

Actually if a person told me my job was easy, I’d probably punch them.  Teaching it 10 times harder when you speak a fraction of the language your students do (though I do know most swear words and call out the student on them).

So that’s my rant for today.  The uh, humorous part is when you call the student out for swearing in class.  It’s usually accompanied by jaws hitting the floor and “Teacher, you know that word???”.  To which I replay “Oh yes I do.  And if I hear it again, you will go see Ellie Teacher (teacher, director, owner).  Incidence of swearing in my classes has definitely dropped.

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